Junko Fujiwara - Professional Cellist

Live Performances, Classical Music, & Cello Lessons

Treat your ears to the entrancing beauty and soothing songs created by professional cellist Junko Fujiwara. Based in Haverhill, Massachusetts, Ms. Fujiwara puts on many live performances of classical music and improvised jazz, as well as provides cello lessons to budding musicians.

A Live Show You Won’t Forget

Ms. Fujiwara is currently bringing her creative blend of classical music and improvised jazz to many venues along the East Coast and throughout the Midwest.

Active Performing Groups:

Eric Hofbauer Quintet


Jorrit Dijkstra – alto sax, lyricon
Eric Hofbauer – guitar
Junko Fujiwara – cello
Eric Rosenthal – drums

The Boston Globe reviews BOLT:

For many people, the term “free improvisation” probably conjures ferocious torrents of sound. The quartet Bolt takes a gentler path. The spontaneous collective improvisations of alto saxophonist and lyricon player Jorrit Dijkstra, guitarist Eric Hofbauer, cellist Junko Fujiwara, and drummer Eric Rosenthal invariably have a transparent texture that belies their open-ended method.

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Strings Theory Trio (with Mimi Rabson and Helen Sherrah-Davies).

Strings Theory Trio was reviewed by the Boston Musical Intelligencer!

Here’s one way in which I see this as genre-defying—the presence of improvisation and rhythmic drive suggest jazz, but the ostinato patterns evoke a post-modern minimalism. The accompaniment patterns sometimes shift so subtly that it might either be with clockwork precision or with a careful randomness—that we’re not sure is definitely part of the energy that keeps listeners engaged.

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Ms. Fujiwara is also an occasional performer with the Metal & Glass Ensemble and classical chamber group Kalliope Piano Trio.

Performance Schedule

Junko’s 2017 Performance Schedule is coming soon!