PREHISTORIC JAZZ : REMINISCING IN NEW ENGLAND featuring Charles Ives’s THREE PLACES IN NEW ENGLAND (Creative Nation Music) with the Eric Hofbauer Quintet (August 2016 scheduled release)

COMING FULL CIRCLE ( with Linda Marks (August 2016 scheduled release)

PREHISTORIC JAZZ : VOL. 1 RITE OF SPRING AND VOL. 2 QUINTET FOR THE END OF TIME (Creative Nation Music) with the Eric Hofbauer Quintet (2014)

SHUFFLE with BOLT (2014)

STRINGS THEORY TRIO (Meemzmusic) with Mimi Rabson, Helen Sherrah-Davies (2014)

EVOCATION TRIO’S GHOSTS OF THE SEA (Aeclectica Music) with Steve Peplin and Ben Hans (2013)

CAMERA (ESP-Disk) with Joe Morris, Luther Gray, and Katt Hernandez (2010)

THE KOMITAS PROJECT (Lucent Music) with Ara Sarkissian and others (2006)

LITTLE SIGNS OF AUTUMN (Waterbug Records) with Shinobu Sato (1993)